Class DefaultServerSocketFactory

  extended by org.norther.tammi.core.base.Adaptee
      extended by org.norther.tammi.core.base.DefaultObjectFactory<T>
          extended by<T>
              extended by<ServerSocket>
                  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, NotificationBroadcaster, NotificationEmitter, Manageable, MBeanDelegate, ObjectFactory<ServerSocket>, CommonFactory<ServerSocket>, ServerSocketFactory

public class DefaultServerSocketFactory
extends AbstractSocketFactory<ServerSocket>
implements ServerSocketFactory

A default implementation of ServerSocketFactory.

$Id:,v 1.6 2009/09/28 15:08:44 cvsimp Exp $
Ilkka Priha
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Constructs a default server socket factory.
Method Summary
 ServerSocket getInstance(String className, ObjectName loader, Object[] params, String[] signature)
          Gets an instance of a named class using a specified class loader.
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getServerSocketFactory, getSocketFactory
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createServerSocket, createSocket, getBacklog, getSoTimeout, isLoaderSupported, isReuseAddress, isSecure, setBacklog, setReuseAddress, setSoTimeout
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getInstance, getInstance, getInstance
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getBacklog, setBacklog
Methods inherited from interface
getSoTimeout, isReuseAddress, isSecure, setReuseAddress, setSoTimeout
Methods inherited from interface org.norther.tammi.core.base.ObjectFactory
getInstance, getInstance, getInstance, isLoaderSupported

Constructor Detail


public DefaultServerSocketFactory()
Constructs a default server socket factory.

Method Detail


public ServerSocket getInstance(String className,
                                ObjectName loader,
                                Object[] params,
                                String[] signature)
                         throws ConstructionException
Description copied from interface: ObjectFactory
Gets an instance of a named class using a specified class loader. Parameters for its constructor are given as an array of objects, primitive types must be wrapped with a corresponding class.

Class loaders are supported only if the isLoaderSupported method returns true. Otherwise the loader parameter is ignored.

Specified by:
getInstance in interface ObjectFactory<ServerSocket>
getInstance in class DefaultObjectFactory<ServerSocket>
className - the name of the class.
loader - the class loader.
params - an array containing the parameters of the constructor.
signature - an array containing the signature of the constructor.
the instance.
ConstructionException - if construction fails.

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