Interface Factory

All Superinterfaces:
Container<ObjectFactory<?>>, ObjectFactory<Object>
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface Factory
extends ObjectFactory<Object>, Container<ObjectFactory<?>>

Factory instantiates objects of different class types. Common instantiations are provided by the default implementation. For more complicated cases, class specific factories can be implemented as and registered to Factory.

The registration key for ObjectFactory is the class name of the production class of the factory and the registration value the registered object name of the implementation of the factory. The same factory may be registered for more than one class.

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Ilkka Priha

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getInstance, getInstance, getInstance, getInstance, isLoaderSupported
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clear, containsKey, get, getContainerKey, getContainerKey, getContainerKey, getMBean, getMBeanInterface, getMBeanInterface, getObjectName, getObjectNames, getQueryPattern, registryKeySet, registryKeySet, registryKeySet, registryKeySet, registryMap, registrySize, remove, setMBeanInterface, setQueryPattern, setQueryPattern

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